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Metropix - every decision one of vision

Metropix has adopted a strategy where every decision is one of vision to help its customers generate profit in any type of economy. With its self-replicating business models Metropix is positioning its clients for a broad future. A well-planned strategy links retail, wholesale, and online activities together in such a way that one reinforces the other.

As the global economy falters it's now more than before crucial that your business performs as you intended, but if you're one of those business owners wasting time wrestling with multiple applications that don't talk to each other, you're wasting time and your business isn't growing as it should.

A Radical Approach to Online Businesses
Like you, we're business owners facing the same problem, until we decided on the first comprehensive, integrated system built from the ground up to run and sustain online businesses. We call it ™. With this "Biz-in-a-Box" solution you will be able to:

Manage Your Business Website - Manage your site, blogs and forums without tech skills. 

Sell Products Online - Sell products, collect payments and manage orders in one system. 

Manage Your Customers - A central, built-in CRM auto-tracks your customers' actions. 

Send Email Newsletters - The most effective way to market, built-in and ready to go. 

Measure Success - Built-in reporting and analytics keeps you on the pulse. 

An Easier Way to Work - Edit a web page then jump to your reporting dashboard. Change a product's price then send an email marketing campaign. Approve a blog comment then update a customer's details. All of these activities are just a click away, making it easy to get things done.

Replace Multiple Systems with One - You used to need several expensive and difficult systems to manage your online business - eCommerce, CRM, email marketing, and website. Now you can do it all from one place more efficiently and cost effectively.

Give Yourself a Break - Some of our customers have reported time savings of 1 day a week when using . That's because they don't need to worry about keeping multiple databases and up to five systems in sync.  is integrated, centralized and built for business.

Save on Software Bills - When you're paying for business grade eCommerce, web hosting, email marketing, CRM and a web developer to string it all together, you're spending a lot of money! With  you spend much less, while getting much more, and getting more done.

Simple. Solid. Secure - With over 4 years of experience and 1000s of customers, we're known for our solid and consistent availability. Your business is in dependable hands, and your data is 100% secure in our tier-1 data centers in North America and Asia Pacific.

Take Care of Business Anywhere -  is a hosted "Biz-in-a-Box" solution, meaning you don't have to set up servers or install updates or patches. You simply use any web browser to log in and manage your business, from anywhere in the world.